🇸🇪 Mynttorget, Stockholm, Sweden at 18.00

Welcome to Mynttorget kl 18.00 on December 10.

We will have torches. Bring Funeral candles, your own flowers, and pictures if you have any relatives or loved ones who have been injured or died of the COVID Vaccines. We will walk a short 5-minute mourning march to a historical site for Stockholm and hold the ceremony there.

For the Candlelight Vigil we will play this song:

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Join us for a memorial drink after the candlelight vigil to meet other like-minded individuals.

Wake and socializing after candlelight vigil


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2 responses to “🇸🇪 Mynttorget, Stockholm, Sweden at 18.00”

  1. Rada Pavlovic Avatar
    Rada Pavlovic

    I will share

  2. Eva-Maria Schottdorf Avatar
    Eva-Maria Schottdorf

    Dear Organisers,

    Thank you so much for initiating these three important projects and for your ongoing committment.

    I would like to ask you whether you plan to publish the photographs that will be taken at the respective candlelight vigils. If so, would you provide a possibility to upload these images on this website in order to present them in a gallery?

    I think that this would be beautiful, because the images will not only document the events themselves but could also create a lasting rememberance of the victims.

    Thank you again for your hard work.

    Kind regards,

    Eva-Maria Schottdorf

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