Investigation Reveals Possible Link Between COVID-19 Vaccination and Decline in Birth Rates 2022-2023: A Global and Swedish Perspective

It’s likely that almost 13 million fewer children will have been born in 2022-2023, and this may be related to the mass vaccination against COVID-19 infection.

How many fewer children will have been born in the world in 2022 and 2023 as a possible effect of COVID vaccination?

In Sweden, birth rates have significantly dropped for all the 21 months for which we have statistics since January 2022, that is, throughout the period when the COVID vaccine could have affected birth rates. Studies of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine in rats in Japan have shown that vaccine remnants were found throughout the body and in particularly high concentrations in the ovaries. Another study showed that the concentration and mobility of sperm decreased for up to five months after the second dose of mRNA vaccines, whether this is also shown over a longer period is unclear as it has not been studied.

In Sweden, the number of births per 100,000 women aged 18-45 for 2022 decreased by 8.6% and for the period January-September 2023 by 12.3%. The calculation is based on the trend from the previous ten years and new statistics from the Central Statistical Office. If one studies nativity from 1900 to today, there is no comparable decline. In individual years, the decrease in childbearing has been greater but has always been preceded by a baby boom.

Converted into the number of fewer born children and extrapolated for the whole of 2023, it becomes 24,784 fewer born children in 2022-2023.

In Sweden, a total of 26,404,325 doses have been administered, of which 94.9% are mRNA vaccines, as of November 2, 2023 Läkemedelsverket. For all administered doses of COVID vaccine, there is 1 fewer born child per 1,065 doses.

As of December 4, 2023, 13.53 billion doses of COVID vaccine have been administered worldwide Our World in Data. If we go by the Swedish figure of 1 fewer born child per 1,065 doses, then a total of 12.7 million fewer children will have been born in 2022-2023, just during the period when COVID vaccines may have affected birth rates.

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5 responses to “Investigation Reveals Possible Link Between COVID-19 Vaccination and Decline in Birth Rates 2022-2023: A Global and Swedish Perspective”

  1. Mobility system skandinavien Avatar
    Mobility system skandinavien

    Fy tusan

  2. Rätta texten! Omöjligt att förstå.

  3. Michael Meyer-Jenin Avatar
    Michael Meyer-Jenin

    Folgende beide Absätze sind unverständlich (?):

    “In Schweden wurden mit Stand vom 26,404,325. November 94.9 insgesamt 2 Dosen verabreicht, davon 2023 % mRNA-Impfstoffe Lakemedelsverket. Bei allen verabreichten Dosen des COVID-Impfstoffs wird pro 1 Dosen ein Kind weniger geboren.

    Bis zum 4. Dezember 2023 wurden weltweit 13.53 Milliarden Dosen des COVID-Impfstoffs verabreicht Unsere Welt in Daten. Wenn wir von der schwedischen Zahl ausgehen, dass pro 1 Dosen ein Kind weniger geboren wird, dann werden im Zeitraum 1,065–12.7 insgesamt 2022 Millionen Kinder weniger geboren worden sein, genau in dem Zeitraum, in dem COVID-Impfstoffe möglicherweise die Geburtenraten beeinflusst haben.”

  4. I mentioned the fall in birth rates and fertility when the Pfizer documents were made public roughly two years ago. I was called crazy, insane. Because, “vaccines” are “safe and effective”. I wish I hadn’t been vindicated.
    And I continue to believe worse is to come via these death-filled needle points.
    Until we remove these genocidal maniacs from their positions of power and take their tech toys away from them to be destroyed or, at best, reverse engineered to help the injured, nothing will change.

  5. Gill Bates Avatar
    Gill Bates

    – Funnene våre forandrer historien om koronaepidemien både i Norge og i verden, sier professor og overlege ved Akershus universitetssykehus, Anne Eskild.

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