Press Release: Nobel Prize Protest – Call for Global Candlelight Vigils on December 10 for All Those Harmed or Deceased from mRNA Vaccination

The Nobel Prize Protest Committee, along with representatives of doctors, nurses, and engaged individuals from right to left, including physician Sven Román, nurse Lotta Harming, and leader of MoD – Human Rights and Democracy, Andreas Sidkvist, issued an appeal on December 2 to acknowledge and honor the memory of the estimated 17 million people who have died globally, according to a study, as a result of COVID-19 vaccines. In light of this, the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, awarded to researchers behind mRNA vaccine technology, is being questioned.

The Protest Committee calls for ethical responsibility and respect for guidelines in medical research and practice, arguing that the Nobel Prize award violates these principles.

Candlelight vigils around the world to honor the memory of those who died or were harmed by mRNA vaccines

To honor the affected, the committee calls for global candlelight vigils and memorial services on December 10 at 5:00 PM. These events are planned in several cities, including Gustav Adolf’s Square in Gothenburg, Sweden, Mynttorget in Stockholm, Sweden and outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Oslo, Norway. Participants are encouraged to bring torches, funeral candles and flowers to honor the deceased and injured. For those who cannot participate in person, they are encouraged to organize their own candlelight vigils at home and share this on social media with specific hashtags to spread awareness.

December 8, the international day in memory of the victims of the covid vaccines

Next year, the Nobel Prize Protest Committee proposes that December 8th be made the International Day for Covid Vaccine Victims. December 8th is a fitting date since it was then that the first person officially received the first dose of the conditionally approved COVID vaccine in the world. It was a 91-year-old woman in the United Kingdom. However, this year, the candlelight vigils in memory of the Covid vaccine victims will be held on December 10th in protest against the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to researchers behind the part of the technology used in mRNA vaccines.

Number of reported side effects in Sweden from mRNA vaccines

As of November 2, 2023, the Swedish Medical Products Agency has received over 100,000 reports of suspected side effects from COVID vaccines. Among these, 436 reports concern deaths and 13,022 individuals with suspected serious side effects following covid vaccination. The latter figure is based on the Medical Products Agency’s review of 98.5% of all reports.

Estimated number of people harmed by mRNA vaccines globally

It is difficult to accurately calculate the number of people who have suffered serious side effects globally due to COVID-19 vaccines. According to a calculation based on Swedish data and the assumption of a reporting rate of about 1 percent, the figure could be significantly higher. By applying a higher reporting rate for covid vaccines than previous studies have shown, either 5% or 10%, calculations indicate that between 100-200 million people globally may have suffered serious side effects. This figure is likely an underestimate.

Global interest in the Nobel Prize protest

In just four days, our protest and appeal have received support through signatures from individuals in 75 different countries. This demonstrates broad global engagement and awareness of the issues we raise. To support the Nobel Prize protest, interested parties can sign the appeal online, which demands recognition of the negative consequences of mRNA vaccines.

Contact persons for more information and press inquiries:

Sven Román, chairman of the Doctors’ Appeal, +46 76-139 22 74‬

Lotta Harming, chairperson of the Nurses’ Appeal, +46 ‭70-693 03 60‬

Andreas Sidkvist, leader of MoD – Human Rights and Democracy, ‭+46 76-007 56 58‬

All contact persons can be reached via

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