ℹ️ Introducing – Lighting Candles for a Cause: Memorial Day Vigil at Nobel Museum to Honor mRNA Vaccine Victims

In the video, Andreas Sidkvist, partyleader for MoD – Human Rights and Democracy stands outside the Nobel Museum in Stockholm and announces a light candle ceremony scheduled for Sunday, December 10. The event is organized to memorialize those who have tragically died from mRNA vaccines. The speaker calls for December 10 to be a memorial day for all mRNA vaccine victims and encourages global participation in light candle ceremonies. These ceremonies are also a form of protest against the Nobel Prize nomination of researchers involved in developing mRNA technology. The video invites viewers to visit Nobelprizeprotest.com to sign an appeal against the Nobel Committee’s choice for this year’s Medicine Prize and to participate in or organize their own candle vigil. The speaker concludes by saying, “See you on Sunday.”

The video in Swedish

The video dubbed in German

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