🕯 Ett meddelande från Nobelprisets protestkommitté av Sophia Keivanlo

Sophia Keivanlo delivers a message from Nobel Prize Protest Committe. Keivanlo expresses amazement at how their protest against the Nobel Prize is gaining global attention. She mentions that people from 75 different countries have visited their website, NobelPrizeProtest.com, and are organizing local candlelight vigils. These vigils are held in memory of those who have been harmed or killed by experimental mRNA vaccines in recent years. Keivanlo encourages more people to read about their cause on their website, where they can also register to host their own candlelight vigil. Alternatively, she suggests going to a local place of worship to light a candle and pray for a future marked by love, medical freedom, physical freedom, and mental freedom. This future should be one that can be proudly handed over to the next generations. She concludes by thanking the supporters and wishing them well.

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