🤳 Be a Part of Making History by Documenting Your Candlelight Vigil Through Film and Photos

Whether you’re hosting a candlelight vigil at home or participating in a public one, your contributions are valuable.

We plan to create a slideshow and a video featuring films from candlelight vigils around the world. What we need from you are images and videos. We prefer the videos to be shot in portrait orientation.

So, capture as much footage and as many photos as you can, or ask someone to help you with this. This way, we can ensure that this historic first memorial day for the victims of the COVID vaccine is thoroughly documented for the future.

Afterwards, please upload your photos and videos here:

Nobel Prize Protest folder for film and photos

Label your photos with the location they were taken at, for example, ‘Stortorget, Stockholm, Sweden (And the name of the photographer if you wish). By uploading photos and videos, you agree that we can use your images and films.

We also encourage you to share your photos and videos on your personal social media channels. When doing so, kindly use the following hashtags:

#NobelPrizeProtest, #CandlelightVigils, #17Million, #mRNA, #Deaths, #YourCITY

Thank you for your participation in documenting this significant event.

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