🇸🇪 Landskrona Rådhustorg at 17.00

Greetings to all Lightworkers! 🌟🙌🌟

We, Camilla and Johan from Landskrona, will be gathering at the center of Rådhustorget in Landskrona at 5 PM (till about 6 PM) to pay our respects to the departed in a serene and respectful manner. We will light torches and grave lanterns and display a sign stating:

“Today, on Nobel Day, December 10th, we commemorate the 17 million lives lost globally due to the inadequately tested mRNA vaccines for Covid-19. Bestowing the Nobel Prize on research that has indirectly resulted in numerous fatalities is contrary to all ethical principles.”

You are welcome to bring candles and flowers 🕯️🌹. We invite you to join us in this solemn observance.

Warm regards, Camilla Marydotter & Johan Frick, Landskrona 💚

Note: Image for illustration only. Not Camilla Marydotter & Johan Frick.

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