Jonathan Gilthorpe on Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine being awarded for research on mRNA vaccines

Watch Zoia Zakariasdotter’s interview with Jonathan Gilthorpe

The interview is available in Swedish further down in this post.

Summary of the interview with Jonathan Gilthorpe

This interview features Dr. Jonathan Gilthorpe discussing the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, awarded for research on mRNA vaccines. Gilthorpe, a research scientist with 30 years of experience in microbiology, virology, cell and developmental biology, and neurodegenerative diseases, expresses skepticism about the safety and efficacy of mRNA vaccines.

Gilthorpe raises concerns about the reported side effects and deaths associated with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. He suggests that the number of deaths reported in Sweden due to COVID vaccines is significantly higher compared to other vaccines over the past ten years. He criticizes the lack of response to these issues, asserting that people are being injured or dying as a result.

Regarding the Nobel Prize, Gilthorpe views the award as a political decision intended to promote mRNA vaccines, which he claims are profitable for drug companies. He argues that mRNA vaccines will always have side effects and potentially deadly consequences due to their mechanism of action, which he compares to a shotgun approach. According to Gilthorpe, these vaccines can cause the body to attack itself, leading to conditions like cancer, autoimmunity, and neurodegenerative diseases.

He mentions knowing many people who have experienced side effects from COVID-19 vaccines and calls for the cessation of their use. He believes it was too early to award a prize for this technology and criticizes the decision as being political.

Regarding who should have received the Nobel Prize instead, Gilthorpe does not specify any particular individual or research but acknowledges the randomness in the selection process for the award. He does not criticize the researchers Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman directly but suggests that their technology has been improperly used by governments, regulators, and drug companies, resulting in harm and an alleged cover-up of the truth.

Watch Zoia Zakariasdotter’s interview with Jonathan Gilthorpe in Swedish

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