The Lancet study that the Covid vaccine saved millions of lives is wrong and should never have been published.

Every ‘major’ media outlet in the world and the Nobel Prize committee have taken it as a pretext for the vaccine’s excellence. But the study is basically fraudulent.

On October 8, 2023, Canadian physicists and researchers Dennis Rancourt and Joseph Hickey published Quantitative evaluation of whether the Nobel Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccine actually saved millions of lives, a thorough analysis of the Lancet study’s findings.* They emphatically falsify the results.

From the two researchers’ analysis:

”Fantastic statements that the Nobel-Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccines saved millions (and tens of millions) of lives are based on the theoretical scenarios of Watson et al. (2022), published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Watson et al. (2022) theoretically inferred massive mortality reductions distributed globally, occurring solely during vaccine rollouts. 

We calculated the quantitative consequences of Watson et al. (2022)’s low-value (14.4 million lives saved) theoretical scenario on all-cause mortality by time (by week or by month, 2020-2022) in 95 countries. Our calculations provide graphical proof that the theoretical proposals of Watson et al. (2022) are untenable, compared to measured all-cause mortality. Therefore, the characteristics of the COVID-19 vaccines (efficacies in preventing infection or serious illness, duration of protection, waning, etc.) and of COVID-19 spread input by Watson et al. (2022) must be invalid.”

Rancourt and Hickey note that there is no RCT study (randomized controlled trial, considered the gold standard in evaluating drugs and vaccines) on the fact that ”…the vaccine saved the lives of individuals who are representative of any population or fragile group.”


Our calculations provide graphical proof that the theoretical proposals of Watson et al. are untenable, and are not even partially correct.

There is no evidence in actual all-cause mortality data that the covid-19 vaccine rollouts had any beneficial effect. In fact, the contrary is apparent.”

”In other words, the the COVID-19 vaccine efficacies and the COVID-19 spread implemented in the Watson et al. scenarios predict massive mortality reductions in the global scale, which are incompatible with reality.”

*Rancourt and Hickey’s analysis of the 2022 Lancet article by Watson et. al. about the covid vaccine saving millions of lives.

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