Create your own candle ceremony at home to honor the victims

Sunday, December 10 at 5 PM

For those who cannot attend a candlelight vigil in real life, we encourage you to organize a candlelight vigil for COVID-19 vaccine victims at home.
Light a candle, hold a minute of silence at 17:00 and write a few lines on social media or to a friend via an email or letter, telling them what you want for the candlelight vigil.

Spread your Candlelight Vigil in social media

Please use #NobelPrizeProtest #CandlelightVigils #mRNAvictims #17million #YourCITY when sharing images from your private event in social media if you like it to be shared in our channels.

Join the Global Movement: Register Your Candlelight Vigil for mRNA Vaccine Victims!

We won’t share your details publicly, but aim to create a comprehensive map of candlelight vigils worldwide. To contribute, please fill out this form. Alternatively, feel free to share pictures and use the tags above.

Registration private Vigil event (#5)

Social media feed containing any of the above hashtags.

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